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Whatever time of year you find yourself shopping for a new home, it’s important to give some thought to what that home will be like throughout the rest of the year.  

Be on the lookout for things that could affect the access and comfort of your home through all the months of the year, such as the water wells and potential downpours. 

Things To Think About In Spring, Says USDA Loan Info

Spring can often mean a lot of water, whether from those April showers or melting snow.  

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The drainage on the property is important to make certain that water doesn’t cause problems such as earth shifting or flooding.  

Look for things like retaining walls and a slope of the property that allows it to drain. 

Spring can also come with a lot of yard work.  

Remember that a big yard looks like a lot of fun and it is but it also means a lot of work.  

A spring cleanup is a must in many areas as it won’t just be the pretty flowers growing in the spring, but those pesky weeds, too. 

Summer Thoughts with USDA

Summer is the time when most people want to spend time outside, enjoying the sunshine.  

It’s also the time when most areas are driest, meaning a lot of water to keep the plants and grass green.  

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If you are considering a larger lot, think about the cost of watering it.

You might also want to look for a built-in sprinkler system so you won’t forget to water. 

The direction in which the house faces will determine how much sun you get both in the home and in the backyard.  

If the yard will get a lot of sun, you might want to look for a home with a covered patio or awning. 

Facing Fall with USDA

Those big beautiful trees around a property make it look lovely and offer shade.  

Come fall they also mean a lot of leaves all over the ground and a lot of work picking them up, and if you’re a single homeowner then all of the work falls onto you!. 

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Every season has things that homeowners will have to deal with; before you buy, make sure you’ve given a lot of thought to how that home will take you through each season so you can be prepared.

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