nj usda income limits

USDA loans in Vineland New Jersey

To be qualified for a USDA Home Loan in Vineland, New Jersey the property must be located outside of city limits and you must meet the income limit requirements for the program. However, don’t let these stipulations stop you from looking into USDA Loans in New Jersey financing. USDA Loan Info Explains – USDA Vineland, […]

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usda property eligibility nj

USDA Loans New Jersey Income Limits

Buying a new home in the Garden State could finally be within reach with a USDA home loan. USDA Loans NJ Income Limits USDA loans offer a variety of great benefits such as fixed and competitive interest rates, zero down payment, and flexible credit and lending guidelines.

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usda approved condo list

Buying a Condo with a USDA Loan

USDA Approved Condo List – Buying a Condo with a USDA Loan In search of a USDA Approved Condo List? Maybe a single-family home is out of your price range or you’re just looking for a low maintenance property; then condominiums may provide the ideal living conditions. There are also many condos and condo complexes […]

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home loan with collections

USDA Loans with Medical Collections

Can you have medical collections and still qualify for a USDA loan? Medical collections can really put a strain on your loan approval with many government sponsored loan programs, but with the Section 502 Guaranteed USDA loan it is not an issue as long as it meets certain criteria. It is important to note that […]

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usda vs fha

USDA vs FHA Loans – What are the Differences?

What are the Differences Between USDA and FHA Home Loans? The USDA and the FHA home loans are typically the best choices out there for low to moderate income borrowers. USDA vs FHA Offering lower credit score requirements, a reasonable to zero down payment and less stringent income requirements than conventional loan programs make these […]

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USDA Appraisal

USDA Appraisal – Understanding the Process

If you’re financing a property, your lender will require that an appraisal is completed to determine a fair market value and to ensure the property is in good condition. USDA loans have a much different process than that of Conventional loans. And given government shutdown events, it’s important to go over the details to better […]

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USDA Loans Government Shutdown

USDA Loans Government Shutdown

USDA Loans Government Shutdown 2019 Certain USDA activities would remain active because they are related to law enforcement, the protection of life and property, or are financed through available funding (such as through mandatory appropriations, multi-year discretionary funding, or user fees). During the first week of the shutdown, 62% of employees have been either exempted […]

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usda loan well water requirements

What are USDA Loan Well Water Testing Requirements?

The USDA Loan Well Water Testing Requirements Explained When working in rural communities, private wells can be common and understanding the USDA loan well water testing requirements is an important step in the process. It’s easy to become confused by technical jargon and while facing topics like this along with the USDA Income Limits being […]

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usda income limits increased 2019

2019 USDA Income Limits Increased

2019 USDA Income Limits Have Gone Up in Order to Make Room! “Room for who?”, You ask. Simply put, the USDA Income Limits Increase to make room for even more potential homebuyers to purchase with NO Money Down. On June 13, 2018, USDA Rural Development increased USDA income limits for all U.S. counties. In regards […]

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millennials homeownership

Millennials Homeownership

Must-Have Features For Millennials Homeowners It should come as no surprise that with numbering just over 75 million, today’s 21- to 37-year-olds also known as “millennials” are the largest generation in US history. What makes this group of individuals SO unique to this market is that they are more diverse, tech literate, and educated much […]

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