Single Woman Homeowner – A Guide For Single Women

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USDA Loan Info Homeownership Guide For Single Women

The traditional view of homeownership usually includes a married couple, but times have changed.

More and more single women are entering the housing market and searching for all-season homes.

In fact, almost twice as many single women are purchasing homes than single men.

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Almost one in five homes purchased today are purchased by single women.

 So why are single women making up such a large part of the housing market, and what are the special considerations these women should make when purchasing a home?

What a Single Woman Homeowner Wants!

The demographics of single women buying homes are quite diverse.  

From young professional women in their 20s to divorced mothers in their 40s, there are really no typical women making home purchases.

Here is a list of what the average single woman is looking for in a new home. 

Things To Consider for the Single Woman Homeowner

If you are a single woman looking to enter the housing market then what should be considered before making the leap into home ownership? 

Essentially the considerations are much the same as those of any homeowner.  

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Taking a realistic look at your financial situation is always important, much like Millennial Homeownership, the numbers can indeed workout. 

It is also important to be sure you are not entering into any unwise loan agreements that may not be wise down the road.

Who to Ask if You are the Single Woman Homeowner

Seeking out the advice of a qualified loan specialist can make the process less difficult.

It is also important to have a clear picture of what your needs as a homeowner are, and that you don’t settle for something that will not work with your particular lifestyle.

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