USDA Home Loan Requirements

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USDA Home Loan Requirements

A USDA Home Loan might not seem like the right fit for you and your real estate needs, but the program actually has fairly high income limits and the “rural” areas are often not as far out of town as you may think.

Guidelines for USDA Home Loan Requirements

If you feel you might have trouble coming up with a down payment, or simply want to explore all your loan options then here is a Guideline to the USDA Home Loan Requirements.


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USDA Home Loan Requirements Highlights:

  • Your household must make no more than 115% of the median income of the county you want to purchase in.
  • USDA allows you to have lower credit scores than other programs but you will still need to have a score of 620 but exceptions can be made.
  • The USDA Home Loan requires an appraiser and an entire USDA Loan Process to look over the house to make sure it meets the USDA Home Standards
  • The house must be in a USDA eligible area, if you want to know if the area you want to purchase in is eligible please leave a comment or contact us here and we will answer any questions you have on eligibility or anything about the USDA Loan.
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