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Serving the greater part of the US, USDA Loan Info is able to aid those in need of USDA Loan NJ assistance on the east coast. As a loan agency, USDA Loan Info is your top mortgage lender in New Jersey.

If you are in need of a USDA Loan Service in New Jersey, please head over to our Pre-Qualification section where we can get the eligibility process started, together.

You may be wondering as a potential first time home buyer in NJ, why buy a home when you can rent? This is a common question we receive from first time buyers. To change the thought process around, why rent - if you can buy a home?

It's a very real possibility for you to become a home owner, and here's how:

Firstly, You do not need a down payment to buy a house. Next, if you qualify for a USDA Loan in NJ, you can rest assured that buying a single family home, in a USDA eligible area, with no money down, is within your reach.

In order to qualify, you only need a minimum credit score of 620, with no outstanding judgments. Furthermore, your total household income cannot exceed published guidelines for the county in which you want to purchase a home.

Here's how the USDA Loan process works - it really is that simple:

To find out if a property that you are interested is in a "USDA Eligible" area, click on the following link:Eligibility Today

Then, select "Accept" and enter the address of your desired prospective location or property. Note, the shaded areas are not eligible, and the white areas are eligible.

Now, to find out if your income qualifies within the guidelines today, click on the following link and find your State and County, and complete the short form: Eligibility With USDA Loan Income Limits

If the home you wish to buy is located in an eligible area, and your total household is below the usda loans NJ income limits, You may qualify for 100% USDA financing!

What we Suggest You do Next for USDA Loan NJ

In order to go through the Pre-Qualification process, USDA Loan Info strongly suggests you get in contact with one of our certified expert loan officers by Calling (888)464-8732 or heading over to fill out our Pre-Qualification Form Here

For the first time visitors Below is a brief overview of the USDA Loan Process. Please follow this USDA Loan Process Link to read the steps in greater detail.

USDA Loan NJ Process Summary

1. Pre-Qualify with

2. Receive Your Pre-Approval Letter

3. Find Your Dream Home

4. Make an Offer

5. Processing, Underwriting & Closing

Remember to head over to our Pre-Approval Team so you can get started on the USDA Loans Pre-Qualification Process.

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