USDA Home Loans: 5 Smart Tips For New Homeowners

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Tips for new homeowners

Congratulations on your first house!

You’ve managed to make it all the way through the home loan process while taking care of your credit, and are now the proud owner of your new home.

But now you might be asking yourself, “Whats next?”

As a new homeowner, you are eager to move in. But here are 5 smart things to do before the moving trucks arrive.

USDA Loan Info's 5 tips for new homeowners

Your USDA Home Loans Experts Think You Should Change the Locks! (Step 1)

You have just been given the keys to your new home and are excited to start your new life.

But have you ever thought about how many people may also have a key to your home? How many of those students renting?

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We highly recommend you to change out all the locks that lead into your home.

That way you can sleep easy knowing that you won’t have any strangers opening your front door.

Step 2 – According to USDA Home Loans Experts: Replace the Filters

No one likes dirty filters. They restrict air flow and can lead to your $2500 heating and cooling system to fail.

New filters are an inexpensive purchase that will not only save you money but will improve your quality of life.

Your USDA Home Loans Team is Proud of You So Now, Clean the House Completely (Step 3)

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Before you start moving all your furniture and boxes you should take a second to look at your home.

When the house is empty it’s easy to see all the marks and dust that have accumulated in the houses lifetime.

Now is a perfect time to give it a nice thorough clean so that it’s ready for its new household.

Step 4 – Update Your Home Tech But Not Your USDA Home Loans Team!

It’s the 21st century so we know how important technology is.

Before the moving trucks arrive, you are provided a great opportunity to update your home technology.

You are able to get to those hard to reach places and can make sure everything is up to date.

Step 5. Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighbors and Let them Know about USDA Home Loans

Once you have finally gotten the last box out of the truck and into your new home, there is still one last thing you must do.

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Go on over and knock on your neighbor’s door and introduce yourself.

Being friendly will put yourself in a great position with your new community.

Closing Statement

These tips will help you smoothly transition into your new home.

Once again congratulations on your new home and best of luck to your new lifestyle.

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