USDA Home Loan Checklist

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USDA Home Loan Checklist

You are in the process of trying to get a USDA Home Loan, have a ton of Loan Requirements in mind, but you have no idea what all the documents and papers you are going to need to dig up in order to get approved.

What you Need for the USDA Home Loan

We at USDA Loan Info have compiled a USDA Home Loan checklist to help you stay organized.

USDA Loan Info's USDA Home Loan Checklist

Summary of the USDA Home Loan Checklist:

  • Make sure you have your Drivers License and Social Security Card with you.
  • You will need to send these documents to get pre-approved (2 years Federal Income Tax, 2 years of W-2, Last 30 days of pay stubs, and last 60 days of bank statements)
  • Throughout the USDA home loan process, you will be needing a sales contract, earnest money deposit, and homeowners insurance.
  • Figured how much you have in assets, it can help you pay down debt or help you with the closing costs.
  • Tally up all the debt that you have accrued up till now so you know if you have to pay anything down.
  • If you have been divorced make sure you have the paperwork.
  • If you are a veteran then make sure you have your dd214 form on hand.

Additional USDA Home Loan Checklist Items

As you can probably tell that keeping the USDA Loan Process straight, will sometimes prove to be a challenge. In order to combat the difficulty, we provide you with two excellent resources.

First, USDA Loan Info created a Complete Guide to USDA Loans which offers deep insight as to what is a USDA Loan exactly.

You can access the guide here: Complete USDA Loans Guide for 2019

In summary, by utilizing the checklist above as well as the 2019 Guide in combination with the USDA Loan Calculator below, you are sure to succeed on the USDA Loans Journey!

USDA Loan Calculator for the Home Loan Checklist